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Memory Keepsakes Maker

Creation of priceless and stunning display bears, animals and keepsakes to treasure forever. A perfect memory for yourself or as a gift

Sew Precious is a family-owned business providing bespoke and unique Memory keepsakes.

A business dedicated to providing a simple, yet effective, customer driven experience.

With more than 40 years’ experience you can rest in the knowledge that your item will be professionally finished.

Established in 2020.

We all have those special moments in time that we cherish in our minds, hearts, or through pictures and clothing. Sadly, over time, these memories start to fade, and we forget about all those precious items of clothing we felt so unable to part with. Where are they? Squirreled away at the back of drawers and cupboards or getting damp in loft spaces, hidden from view. But why are they there? What is the point? Nobody sees them!
Well, here’s a solution for you! 💡 Why not use these most precious of items to recreate that special moment in time and share it with everyone?

🌸✨ Introducing Sew Precious : Your Source for Heartwarming Keepsakes ✨🌸
Established in the early Spring of 2020, right in the midst of the Covid Pandemic (Yes, I know, how crazy), Sew Precious  was born. Despite the challenging and harsh times we all faced, something beautiful and heartwarming emerged. Our memory keepsakes became increasingly popular, with countless requests pouring in daily.
For those who unfortunately lost loved ones during this tumultuous period, the need for these keepsakes became even more urgent. They longed for a connection, a way to hold onto cherished memories and say their final goodbyes. Witnessing this comfort and solace our creations brought to those in their darkest times, I realized that I had managed to alleviate, albeit a little, the pain caused by that immense void that is loss. At Sew Precious , we understand the significance of these keepsakes.


Here at Sew Precious , I take pride in the creation of stunning toys, crafts, and priceless keepsakes, perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone you know.


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